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Recycle your clothes and toys and make money!

At Twinkle Toes Soft Play Baby Cafe we are committed to keeping your costs as low as possible which is why we started our pre-loved clothes, equipment and toy reselling service - so you can recoup some of your costs while recycling your unwanted items.


Under our service, you receive 50% of the sale price, while the other 50% goes to Twinkle Toes' funds.

Good as new clothing for babies and children

If you wish to sell clothing, all we ask is that it is in good, wearable condition, without stains and other damage, and has been washed. We can sell all children's clothes and shoes from newborn to school age. You can also sell your baby equipment when you have no more need for it.

Out with the old, in with the new

As we all know toys cost a lot of money and soon need replacing when your child outgrows them or becomes bored with them. As with your clothes, we have a toy and book sale service where you can sell your unwanted toys - so you can put the money towards new ones!


Call us to find out more about our pre-loved clothes and toy selling service.

01603 219 266

And it's also a great place to buy...!

Of course, our service is not just about selling. If you're looking for new toys or clothes, or are in need of equipment, particularly for your baby, you can take advantage of our low prices to keep your baby and child fully clothes and equipped but without spending a fortune.